QueekyPaint - Drawing, painting & photo editing. Replayable.

QueekyPaint Web

QueekyPaint is an unique draw and painting software which enables you to create SpeedPaints online directly in your browser.
The unique Queeky® Timeline records every stroke you make. Use the timeline as a history to jump back and forth, add or revert strokes at any part of your drawing.

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QueekyPaint Desktop

QueekyPaint Desktop with Adobe AIR integrates fully with your Operating System: Queeky drawings and palettes have their own icon and can be opened with a simple double click.

Because QueekyPaint Desktop don't need a browser or an internet connection to run, it provides a way better drawing experience. It comes with pressure support for Wacom Tablets (Version 2.11.7).

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QueekyPaint Desktop has some nice additional features:

  • Pressure sensivity
  • All your Queeky drawings on your computer will get a Queeky icon.
  • Open Queeky drawings from your computer by doubleclick, or drag your Queeky (.qky) files on QueekyPaint's app-icon.
  • Save and load from your computer, or post your drawings to your Queeky account.
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